Orthodox Iconographer.

Painted in a delicate blend of Russian/Byzantine style iconography on wooden panels
or canvas, experience a mystical moment of peace and tranquility when you view with
contemplation the heavenly souls who convey a deep mystery of the eternal.


Arlene is second generation Russian descent, baptized into the Orthodox faith from birth. She started her art career in 1968, beginning first in oils on canvas. For the next 20 years, Arlene developed her realism style, painting wildlife, landscapes and still life and sold her work at local art fairs and through commissions.

In 1988, at the direction of her priest, Fr. Damian Messires, she began the sacred task of painting icons. She sought direction in Pennsylvania at the Antiochian Village with Master Iconographer Phil Zimmerman and later in Moscow with Master Iconographer Vera through the St. Tikhon Theological Institute. She made personal retreats to the monastery in Rives Junction, Michigan and several trips to the Mount of Olives Monastery in Jerusalem to paint in the icon studios with the nuns. By working in the monastery studios and attending the church services, her artistic technique, spiritual development and aesthetic discipline merged.

Her work materials include:

✅ 3/4” Birch panels layered with linen and coated with gesso or canvas

✅ 23K gold leaf halos and optional gold leaf background

✅ Holy water used with paint

✅ Satin varnish finish

✅ Acrylic paint

More About Her

Arlene made 4 pilgrimages to the Holy Land including one at Pascha and witnessed the miracle of the Holy Light in the church of the Holy Sepulcher. She also visited many of the holy sites attributed to the Feast Days in the New Testament and Old Testament including a visit to Mt. Sinai and St. Catherine’s Monastery. Visiting these areas where the incidents took place has increased her awareness with a deeper meaning when she now writes an icon attributed to the scene. “The experience of standing at the spot where Jesus walked; where he was born, preached, was crucified; when I visited Hebron where the angels met Abraham and when I stood on top of Mt. Sinai after a grueling climb and witnessed the sunrise as Moses did before he received the 10 Commandments left me with awe inspiring humility. And the feelings imbedded within me from these experiences awaken when I sit and write the icon connected to the many places I visited in Israel.”