I Love Icons

In a world where people want instant gratification and where space is a luxury, icons are here to stay.

Icons are so simple but they can sometimes convey the complex of messages. I could imagine it being similar from how people from ages ago communicate using smoke signals. Short but sweet.

Most people think visually thus icons are an instant hit. But their meanings can easily be mixed up due maybe to a person’s orientation, culture or just a different point of view. Nevertheless, I still love them.

There are hundreds or even thousands of icon sets available in the internet. Some are free and some aren’t. Most websites that I see use monochrome icons, which I suppose are easier to integrate into a site on a design perspective, but I personally prefer multi-colored icons. There’s just more life in color.

You can create your own icons using free software or you can use Adobe Illustrator. I love how some creators theme their icons for travel, business, social media, education, music or even occasions. You can also get free icons from a site called Canva.

This blog is about digital icons and all things web design. I’ll keep everything simple here. I just want to take imperfect action with the goal of being able to have my own web design agency one day.

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