Orthodox Iconography by             

Arlene Anne Tilghman                     


                            Birth Month

               Angel of the Lord

Birth Month Angel for March                     

Birth Month Angels are painted to order according to the month of birth.  All angel styles are the same.  Colors for the month are incorporated in the tunic, cloak and surrounding boarder.  With the exception of June and October, Swarovski Crystals corresponding to the birth stone of the month are placed on the spire and hair ribbon.  The following are colors and stones for each month.  

Month          Colors                                      Stone

January -     Earth tones                               Garnet

February -  Aqua, greens, blues                Amethyst

March -      Purple, violet, blues                 Aquamarine

April -        Red, Champaign, gold            Clear Crystal

May -          Pink, Mauve, Lavender            Emerald

June -         Yellow, greens, red                  Pearl

July -          Blue, white, metallic                Ruby

August -     Gold, yellow, tan, reds            Peridot

September-  Blue, greens, pale yellows    Sapphire

October -    Purple, deep pink, olive          Opal

November -  Dark red, burgundy                 Topaz

December  -  Red, white, hunter greens      Blue zircon

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